DSC Boardroom Equipment General Use

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The DSC Boardroom may be one large room or broken down into 2 or 3 rooms. 

The main room 3, has the Dais or the platform for Board members and honored speakers.  There are 2 control pads for the main  room located on the south wall and a portable iPad.

 Note: If an iPad home screen is visible, tap on the CrestronGo application.

Main screen on both control devices:

Graphical user interface

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Pressing “Start a combined meeting” combines all three rooms.

When a meeting in the front half of the room is desired, the front room is where the Dais is located, press “start a meeting in the front room”  where the room is divided. Note: sound from speakers may not be divided, all rooms or no rooms. 

To start a meeting choose video source (computer, airtame, podium, etc)

Graphical user interface, website

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When using the main computer (to host a virtual meeting) select “computer”. Login to your District Google account using the mouse and keyboard on the Dais.

When using Airtame press “Airtame 3" for room 3 or combined rooms meetings.  Airtame 1-2 is used when the room is divided and is for rooms 1-2.  When using combined room configuration and “Airtame 3” is not working, using “Airtame 1-2” can allow the connection.

Note: To use Airtame a District device MUST be connected to BSD-Devices wireless.

This network is only available for District devices.  Non-District devices must plug in and use the HDMI port on the podium or at the rear of the room.  Also personal devices must have the Airtame application installed to use the service.

Launch the Airtame application and select “Boardroom” To share your screen press “share screen” and to share a specific window press “share window” and then select a window.  The screen will automatically be shared.

For videos with sound or any other app with sound, Airtame defaults to muting audio from source device so you MUST unmute the audio by either pressing the speaker icon in the top right of the screen next to the red stop button (Mouse must be moved to show up) or opening the application and pressing the speaker icon next to the red stop button under “Boardroom”.)

When using “podium”, use the HDMI cord that is on top of the podium. The Podium MUST be plugged into the wall via ethernet cord to work. It will be within the podium and will plug into the left side on the bottom. It will plug into the wall via the ethernet port on the wall near the podium.) There are multiple adapters for devices that do not have HDMI ports.

When using “rear input” use the HDMI port that is below the mounted TV in room 1-2, typically used only when the room is broken down.

If there is no sound coming from an audio source, make sure that it is unmuted by pressing on the speaker on the right of the main screen of the control panel/iPad. You may also control the volume using the slider just above it.

To control individual displays power state, press “Display Power Controls” on the left side of the screen. From there press the power button on each individual TV to toggle power state.  If the power state fails to change, use the remote in the drawer labeled “Presentation equipment” to the left of the main wall mounted control panel.

To control the volume of each device, press “Audio Controls” on the left of the control screen.  Microphones at the Dais are labeled from 1-8 on the device and right to left when in front of the Dais. From here you can control the mute state and the volume of each microphone. To control the audio coming from a video source, adjust the slider labeled “Boardroom Media”

To control the video source of each individual display, select “Matrix Video Routing” on the left of the screen.  From here tap on the video source that you would like to use and then tap the display(s) that you would like to change.

To control the cameras press “Camera Controls” on the left of the screen, on the right of the screen are camera controls to move and change the zoom levels of the camera. (Note: There is a delay between the input and the camera moving).

When hosting a meeting in the back half of the room when the main room is broken down, use the control panel on the wall next to the door.

Graphical user interface, website

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Tap “Start a meeting in the rear of the room”

To change the video source tap either “Rear Input” or “Airtame 1-2”.

To adjust the volume of the video source use the slider on the right of the screen and tap the speaker to mute/unmute the audio. (Note:  sound can not be split up if there is a meeting in the main room with sound rooms 1-2 will hear that sound.  Currently there is not a way to divide the sound.

Once done with the meeting, press “System Off” in the top right corner of the screen and then select “Yes”.

If further assistance is needed call the help desk 208-854-6670, notify the reception desk to contact the Help Desk or contact the site Technician at 208-472-2135.

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