SMARTboard Troubleshooting

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*Note: If you are experiencing a problem with the image, that is a Projector issue and not your SMARTboard.  Though they work together they are separate devices.

Connection Methods:

  1. Wireless - This method requires the SMART board to have a power supply plugged into a wall outlet.  It uses a grey dongle with a small white button to communicate with the SMARTboard. This will be plugged directly into a USB port on the PC but may also have a short USB extension cable.
  2. USB - The SMARTboard will get it's power from the USB connection.  Communication with the board is also done through this cable. 

Status Light:

The light on the lower right of the SMARTboard will provide you with what you need to self troubleshoot the board.

  • Solid red light - This indicates that there is no connection from the PC to the SMARTboard.   
  • Blinking red light - Indicates that the SMARTboard and PC see each other but are not properly communicating.
  • Solid green light - Everything is functioning
  • Light off - There is no power connecting to the SMARTboard.  

No light on the SMART Board 

  • Wireless - Check that the power supply is plugged into the wall and that the barrel connector is pushed completely into the SMART board.
  • USB - Make sure the USB cable is connected to the PC as well as the SMART Board.  If the cable is connected but there is still no power light, submit a help desk ticket.  

Solid Red Light - No connection

You will typically see this if your board is connected via wireless or if you don't have the SMART software installed.

Blinking Red Light - No software connection

This happens when the software does not communicate properly with the SMART board. 

  1. Unplug the grey dongle (Adapter) from the PC, wait 5 seconds and plug it back in.  If this does not work, move to step 2.
  2. On the lower right side of the SMART board behind where you see the light you will find the board's control panel.  There is a small button at the top - press this button for 5 seconds.  On  the  gray dongle (adapter) on your PC press the button until the red light blinks rapidly.  
    When it is finished, your light should go green.  If not move to step 3.
  3. Click the Windows icon on the lower left of your screen, scroll down the list of programs to the folder named "Smart Technologies." 
    Open the folder and click SMART Settings. (Make sure you do not choose SMART Ink Settings).
  4. Click on the Connection Wizard link.  
    When your SMART Board 600 appears, select it and click next.  
    Click through any remaining screens.  Your light should be green now.

If after completing the above steps you do not have a solid green light on your SMART board, please submit a help desk ticket.





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