Reset an iPad to Factory Default

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This information only applies to District owned iPads.

Resetting an iPad erases stored data and updates an iPad, if apps are not functioning or the iPad functionality is hampered a reset can resolve those issues. Resetting should also resolve any issues with apps getting stuck downloading/installing from Apple.

Resetting an iPad does not require being on the district's network.

Note: This process completely wipes the iPad of all personal data an is advisable for District owned devices. Please make sure any photos or documents are backed up to Google.  see: Backing up/Transferring data from an iPad

Step 1:  Turn Off "Find My iPad"

Note: If you are not signed into iCloud or your Apple ID (newer devices), this step does not apply because "Find My iPad" is part of iCloud.  Why this step: When an iPad is reset, part of the reset process checks in with Apple to see if the device is already associated with an Apple ID. If it is and Find My iPad is turned on, Apple treats the device as possibly stolen and locks the device until it is unlocked with the Apple ID it was registered with.

Newer iPads:

  1. Open the Settings App
  2. In the upper left corner, there will be an Apple ID option. If you are signed in, tap this field to pull up the Apple ID settings on the right.
  3. Locate "Find My" (it may be under an iCloud submenu). Tap it and then flip the switch. A password prompt will appear.

Older iPads:

  1. Open the Settings App
  2. On the left side, there will be an iCloud option.
  3. Tap iCloud and then Find My iPad then flip the switch. A password prompt will appear.

Resetting an iPad to Factory Defaults

  1. Make sure all wanted data is backed up (see see: Backing up/Transferring data from an iPad for more information)
  2. Open the Settings App
  3. Click the General tab on the left and then tap the Reset button on the right.IMG_0005.PNG
  4. Select Erase All Content and Settings
  5. Choose all options to Erase
  6. Once wiped, the iPad will return to the Setup Assistant (just like opening an iPad for the first time)
  7. Choose English as the language.
  8. Choose United States as the country (if it isn't at the top, press Back and then select English again).
  9. If prompted to setup with another device, choose Set Up Manually at the bottom of the screen.
  10. Connect to WiFi
    • If at a school, choose BSD-Guest (BSD-Devices will be installed later)
    • If not at a school, connect to your personal WiFi.
  11. Enable Location Services (if asked, depending on age of iPad)
  12. When prompted for a configuration screen, tap the Next button in the upper right corner.
  13. After tapping the Next button, the device will download and set itself appropriately, the time it takes can be within minutes, or up to 45 minutes.

If at any point a prompt appears asking to enter in an Apple ID, contact your students home school and arrange for an exchange.

Assigning an iPad to a Classroom/Teacher

  • Student iPads - Each school has instructions for assigning to a room via a QR code in Mosyle. Please see your school's technology coordinator for assistance. If he/she needs a QR code created, they will contact the Apple Support Team.
  • Teacher iPads - Submit a help desk ticket with the serial number to have the iPad assigned to you.

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