Microphone Issue in Browsers

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Symptom:  The microphone functions normally within Windows system sounds but does not function within Chrome or Firefox(browser). 

The following information refers to Google Chrome as this is the browser BSD systems function best.  These steps can be done for device cameras also.   

Troubleshooting tips:  Verify windows system permission.  Confirm that the browser has been given access to the microphone.  (To allow permissions for a website or web page, in the address bar click the lock, select Site Settings, under Permissions see Microphone-to the right select Allow.) 

 Steps to resolve:

  1. If your device is a laptop, connecting directly to the internet with a LAN cable, will help the process will go faster.  If that is not possible ensure that the device is connected to power as the process may take a long time dependent on the internet connection speed.
  2. Right click Windows icon (start menu) and click on System, and search for PC name or  Device Name (serial number), notate the device name.
  3. Within your browser of choice, navigate to https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/laptops
  4. Enter the notated device name (serial number) and click submit.
  5. Expand the Audio Driver -  select download next to the Conexant Audio Drivers.   
  6. At the next screen at the bottom, select "No thanks, I will download and install manually"
  7. Once the download starts, at the lower left of the screen click the download notification which will cause the installation to start when the download completes.
    Proceed through the installation.  When the installation is complete, restart the laptop

Verify the microphone is working:

  1. Open Chrome and visit www.google.com.
  2. Within the search bar, you'll see a microphone icon for the audio search.  Click it.  
  3. When the audio search appears, say something.  You'll see the page respond then Google will search for what was spoken,  or 
  4. Open meet.google.com and click the gear icon at the top of the screen.  Watch the 3 dots next to Microphone and speak.  You should see them move indicating that the microphone is functional. 

If sound is still not functioning uninstall then reinstall Chrome, (using either Firefox or Edge) and login again.  Then repeat the steps to allow sound on a website or webpage.  (To allow permissions for a website or web page, in the address bar click the lock, select Site settings, under Permissions see Microphone-to the right select Allow.) 

If this is a student Chromebook try resetting.  See the steps here:  Reset a Chromebook & Device Enrollment Instructions- Parents

See also, Sound problems with Probook Laptops

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