Windows Laptop Does Not See Chromecast

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Note:  Airtames will be replacing Chromecasts, Apple TVs and other "casting" options for conference rooms and classrooms during school year 2021-2022.

Connecting Chromecast to Windows device

Before proceeding verify the following:

  • The Chromecast needs to be connected to BSD-Devices.  This should show in the corner of the TV/Projection Screen
  • Windows laptops must be connected to BSD-PKI

 The most common reason that a Windows laptop can't connect to a Chromecast is the requirement that the laptop must connect to WiFi via the 2.4 GHz signal and most of our newer laptops are directed to use 5 GHz.  To resolve this...

  1. Tap the Windows key on your keyboard and type Device Manager in the search bar.  Click on it in the search results
  2. Within Device Manager, expand Network Adapters.  You will see multiple options.  
  3. Locate and double click the Wireless Adapter which will open the properties page for the device.
  4. Select the Advanced Tab
  5. Locate and select Preferred Band
  6. Change the Value to Prefer 2.4 GHz.  Press OK.  Your laptop will drop the wireless connection and reconnect via 2.4 GHz.  Once the re-connection is complete, you should see a list of available Chromecast devices.

It is strongly recommended that when you are finished using the Chromecast that you return your laptop to the No Pref value (step 6) to prevent performance issues.

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