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Google Meet- Students can not initiate nor end any Google Meets, the service for all student accounts to join instructor meets is available 7am-7pm Monday through Friday and Saturdays between 10am-2pm.

The idle time settings on Chromebooks for staff accounts, are set as follows:
        • Idle time: 30 minutes
        • Action on Idle: Lock Screen
        • Action on Lid Close: Sleep
        • Lock Screen on Sleep: Lock Screen
After thirty minutes of inactivity, or upon closing the lid, Staff will need to re-enter their password to unlock the Chromebook, and all tabs and apps they had open should still be open.
The idle time settings on Chromebooks for student accounts, are set, as follows:
        • Idle time: 30 minutes
        • Action on Idle: Logout
        • Action on Lid Close: Logout
        • Lock Screen on Sleep: Don't lock screen 

Google Meet is a video conferencing service targeted at businesses.  Meet allows up to 100 participants on a call at once, and includes features such as scheduling, screen sharing and real-time captioning. People can join your meeting with a web link through their laptops or the Meet mobile app, and can create a Meet from Google Calendar scheduling.  Meet has default privacy protections in place, including host controls (the ability to admit or deny entry to a meeting, and mute or remove participants), complex meeting codes and encryption in transit.  At BSD Google Meet is preferred due to security issues. 

If a student is correctly logging in to the Google classroom and gets the error. 'you can not join this meeting'

Student needs to be manually added back to that particular meeting, by the teacher.  While the teacher is logged into the meeting, click the participants list, and re-add the student there. This should get the student up and running.

Breakout Rooms for Meet is a component of Google Enterprise for Education.  The District does not have licenses. There is a third-party Chrome extension called Google Meet Breakout Rooms.

Any teacher is welcome to install this. Students do not need to as the management of rooms and who goes where is all done by the teacher. So the extension is blocked for students.  There are a number of teachers in our district who are using this tool.

To note: this is NOT a Google-created tool, so it is not supported by Google or District Google admins. Integration Specialists and other in-school experts are the resources for help with this tool.

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