Wonders Assignments & Google Classroom

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Wonders Assignments & Google Classroom

When you assign an activity in Wonders, you have 2 choices for how to assign it to students:

  • Assign this Resource - it will assign the activity to the student’s Wonders App and should appear in their “To-Do” tab

  • Share with Google Classroom - this will share the assignment to your Google Classroom. It will not be shared to the “To-Do” tab within Wonders.

Important Note if Sharing to Google Classroom: In order to access a Wonders Assignment from Google Classroom, students must have the Wonders App open as a tab on their device. If they do not have an open Wonders App, the link within Google Classroom won’t work and students will be prompted for a master code.  The process looks like this:

  1. The student logs into their device and goes to their MyApps page (1 tab will be open at this point)
  2. The student clicks their Wonders (ConnectED) App and keeps this open (2 tabs open at this point)
  3. The student goes back to their MyApps page and opens Google Classroom (3 tabs open now)
  4. Within Google Classroom, the student clicks on the Wonders resource and it should open.

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