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Applicable to staff and students. The following will guide you in keeping your Google content and transferring the content to a different Google account when leaving the District. Please note, if you have accounts that refer to your or, account please contact that resource and update your email contact information.  For example: students may need access to FAFSA information after they have left Boise Schools and the District email account will not be recoverable, or staff may leave employment and have used Boise Schools account to save needed information in retirement.

If you want to access your District Google content after separating from the District follow these steps, 

1. First login to your student account and go to Google Takeout Transfer or click your profile pic in Google Chrome and select “Manage Your Google Account”.



2.Click “Start Transfer”.



3. For the destination account type in your personal Gmail account and click “Send Code”.


4. Go to your personal Gmail account to check for an email from Google to verify your account. A personal device or Edge browser can be used to check your personal Gmail account for the email, the email will look like this:



5. The next screen will display your confirmation code - Copy this code, then click Continue.


6. Go back to your school account to paste the code you copied into the “Enter code” box. Then click “Verify”.



After you verify and your data is ready Google will Email you a link to your personal account to get your data. The link will take you to a Google Login USE YOUR DISTRICT ACCOUNT credentials, then the data will begin downloading to your account.

7. Here you can select which content to copy. Next click on “Start Transfer” to begin the transfer process.



According to Google, it can take 24 to 48 hours to complete the transfer depending on how many files you have. When the transfer is complete, you will find your school emails in your personal inbox, and in Drive, you will have a folder named after your school account.

Please remember to transfer ownership of files that you currently want to share to other staff.

Also, see this article on How long your District accounts are accessible after separation. (viewable by logged in staff only)

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