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To submit a request for assistance, click the Submit a Request link at the top of any page in the Help Center.  Fill out the new request form and click the submit button. To access additional content sign in using your Google account and allow BSD Google access to ZenDesk.

Next to the "Submit a request" is the Sign in feature that allows you to monitor existing requests and reply to and communicate directly with IT staff. Below is a general description of forms and required fields to be filled out: NOTE: Each ticket and ticket activities are kept in your help desk account activities page as well as the updates that are emailed to you.

Selecting a Form

A ticket form determines the fields and data a ticket contains. Ticket forms help in routing, escalation, dispatch, and troubleshooting requests. Forms may include:

  • Log In
  • Internet / Wireless
  • Equipment Support
  • Voicemail
  • Business Ops
  • Educational Apps
  • Testing


The fields shown are determined by the "Form" selected as mentioned above. Please enter these fields as accurately as possible. The more information you list for the BSD IT Support staff the easier and possibly faster it is to resolve the issue.


Enter a brief description of the subject. This will be the subject of the email notifications you receive from Help Desk.


Enter additional details about the question or issues that field data did not collect that will help our BSD IT Support staff resolve the issue.


 Drag and drop files or click "Add file" to attach files or screenshots to the ticket.

Use the Web Widget

You can also use the web widget to submit a ticket.  The web widget is a floating blue button that you can find on the help desk and BSD IT department web pages in the lower right corner of the window.


The widget can search our knowledge base, or you can click Contact us, which begins the ticket creation process within the widget taking up less room on your monitor, and there is an option to chat directly with us when we are available.


If you want to check the status of an existing ticket, check the communication within the ticket between technicians or others, or manage the people and articles you are following, My Activities is the place to do just that.

My Activities

To get to My Activities, on the help desk page upper right area, click on your profile picture and choose My Activities.


From there, you can choose either Requests, Contributions, or Following -explained below:


This is where you can see your open or solved requests and requests you are CC'd on.  School Technology Leads and School Administrator's have access to see their school's requests. 

My Requests

All requests you have created will be listed. You can search for a request by keywords or phrases in the search box, filter requests on a specific status, and sort your requests by either Created or Last activity.

Requests I'm CC'd on

This will list all requests you are cc'd on. You can search, filter, and sort the same as the My Requests tab.

Organization Requests

If you have permission to see all requests for the entire organization, you will have this tab available. You can search, filter, and sort the same as the My Requests tab. If you want to be notified of all new requests for your organization, you can click the Follow button next to the search bar.


If you want to review all posts you have made to the Community or review comments you posted to the Community or Help Center, the Contributions section is where you can do this.


The Help Center allows you to follow any Section, Article, Topic, Post, or User. This tab will list everything you are following. It can be filtered to just show you one of the things you are following by clicking the Show All drop down and choosing a filter option. You can choose to unfollow specific items from the list by clicking the Unfollow button at the end of the list item you wish to no longer receive updates.

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