How to Initially Sign-In to your Boise School District Account and Reset your Password

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Welcome to Boise School District! You have Network-Active Directory (AD) and G Suite (Google) logins, in addition to several other BSD resources. 

Your accounts are created for you and your login credentials will be relayed to you by the Human Resources Department at your new hire appointment.  Initially, all accounts will not be immediately available. It takes approximately 3 business days for all accounts to process and be functional.

How to Log Into Your Account

  1. Open up a web browser and head on over to
  2. Once there, select “Register

  1. Sign into your Boise Schools account.
    • Email address:
      Password: Employee ID # followed by “Bsd” Example: 123456Bsd (sent to you by the HR/Payroll department)
  2. Once you have signed in, you will see the following message. Click ‘Set it up now’ next to your desired second factor: If you have already registered for Self Service Password Reset, you will be directed to your Microsoft Security Info page, where you can set up additional methods to verify your identity.

Select a sign in option in the Overview or the Security Info tab

If you elect to add another method and see the option for a security key. This is a hardware based option, please understand what this option details before electing to use.

How to Reset your Password

  1. Once you have followed the steps above to register your account, go back to the home page of
  2. Click the "Reset My Password | Unlock My Account" link.
  3. Enter your Boise Schools email address and the CAPTCHA image and click Next.

  4. Choose the verification method you will use, and follow the prompts to verify your identity.


  5. Once you have verified your identity, you will be prompted to create a new password. Passwords must be at least 8 characters long.

  6. Congratulations! Your password has been reset! It may take a couple of minutes for the              password change to sync to all other connected Boise Schools accounts.

Click on the Human Resources Folder. Inside you will find links to various systems that store your information.

Click the below links for a more detailed overview of each HR system:

  • Employee Online – Pay info. position work details, time clock issues with classified positions, update address, W4s, etc.
  • Absence Management – Enter leave and check leave balances.  If applicable; Request a substitute or search for substitute jobs.
  • Safe Schools – Compliance & Safety training videos
  • WinOcular – Personnel File Management and Job Applications
  • WellSteps – Resource for Boise School District employees in achieving a healthier lifestyle
  • Infinity HR – Benefits Management and Enrollment
  • Navia - Cafeteria / FSA / COBRA
  • ARCORO - Benefit Elections
  • Infinite Campus/telephone extension/equipment -If applicable, communicate with your home school or department supervisor.

For a more detailed overview of MyApps please refer to this article: What is ClassLink MyApps & How to Manage yours

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