Information & How to Request Supplies or Service for HP Printer or Canon Copier

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District printer and copier support is under a Managed Print Services contract (MPS) with Fisher's.  The contract provides servicing support and the pick up of empty toner cartridges. 


  • Copiers & Printers that are covered under the MPS contract:
    • Printers that use Toner (ink/liquid not supported)
    • Printers that are networked (connected directly -USB to a computer only are not supported)   
    • Printers that are HP. Other brands are not supported, and
    • Copiers that are Canon.  Other brands are not supported.
  • For printers not under the Managed Print Services contract service will be attempted by a Site Support IT Technician initiated by submitting a help ticket request. Supplies for printers not under the Managed Print Services contract may be approved and purchased through your school site office administration.

How to request supplies for printers and copiers

Beginning Oct. 4th, 2021, all requests for copier and printer supplies (toner/staples/waste bins) should be directed to, rather than routed through the Boise Schools Help Desk.

Fisher's has committed to monitors supply status on our copiers and printers, and auto ships toner cartridges to sites when they reach 25% remaining, without any action required on your part. 

Staples and waste toner bins are not auto-shipped and must be requested through an email to: The FEQ number will be included on the toner packing list, to help sites identify the copier/printer the toner has been sent for.

Requests to should include:

  • FEQ Number (From Fisher’s sticker on printer/copier)
  • Site Name (for example, Borah)
  • Room # the machine is located
  • List the supplies needed
  • List a contact person or phone number

Reminder: Staples and waste toner bins are NOT auto-shipped, and will always require a request to

We recommend a designated person(s) in School buildings submit these requests to streamline the process, and avoid duplicate requests. 

If there is an issue with a copier or printer, such as frequent jams or poor print quality, or other servicing needs, support is coordinated via a help ticket through BSD help desk, the help request must include the FEQ sticker #.  

Monthly information about print and copy counts associated with the printers and copiers in your buildings is shared with each buildings Administration.  Breakdown of charges on a per page print basis:


Whenever possible, we encourage printing to Copiers.  Recycled toner bin pick up FEQ is listed as _BSD4 and is listed in the help request form. 

Steps to process a request for service for a networked HP printer or Cannon copier.

  1. Be sure you are signed into the help desk system - in the upper right click Sign in
  2. Submit a Help Desk request choose "Submit a request" located at the top of the screen.
  3. Choose the "Copier or Printer - Service" form from the drop down menu
  4. Include all the information listed in the fields
  5. In Location for equipment - drop down arrow - Select the physical school site the equipment is located
  6. In Room#/name - type in location within building the equipment is located for service person to troubleshoot issues.
  7. Phone contact - your extension or other number if contact is needed by District IT staff or Fisher's Technicians.  So your site receiving can let you know when toner has arrived or send it to the correct room.
  8. Printer/Copier FEQ# : Provide the 5 digit number on the label on the printer or copy machine.   (Note: if there is not a sticker with an FEQ# - toner is to be purchased through school site budget-contact your front office.
  9. Copier/Printer Support This details supplies, service or empty recycling.
  10. Subject: Please include the FEQ# in your subject title.    
  11. Description:  Include other details as needed or a detailed description of the issue requiring service.
  12. Click on "Submit

If the machine does not have an FEQ# sticker use 00000 as the temporary FEQ# so we can get the machine set up on the network.



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