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Please note: Printers are assigned to the specific ports in the wall of the room they are located.

When a printer is moved to a different wall, plugged into a different port or moved to a different room, it will no longer function until:

  • IT staff will need to visit onsite to reconfigure the port the printer is plugged into,
  • Reconnect the printer to the network port that is updated,
  • Update District printer inventory,
  • Update PaperCut Services,
  • Contact Fishers to update their information,

These steps can cause a delay in printing.


No printers are listed or available

The most common reason you may not be able to print is you are not signed into Google Chrome. To check this open Google Chrome in the top right corner of the browser window you will see your profile pic or a letter initial or even a grey silhouette, click that profile pic and make certain Sync is on.  If you see Turn on sync your not completely signed into Google and PaperCut does not see printers.


Another symptom is for new or reassigned staff to new sites, you must be added to the sites Google Group, for PaperCut to list printers for the site. Each school maintains their group, see the Administrative office of the school to get added to the school's Google Group. This includes Substitutes, they can be added temporarily and then the Schools Group manager can remove them and their access to school printers when the sub job is completed. 

Device screen Login - no need to enter credentials just click the sign in with Google button.

The Online or Google sign in - this is also an indicator if you printing from google drive and you only see a spinning wheel, head to the first step and sign into PaperCut on the device near the time for Windows and Chrome devices and top right for MAC.

Getting a Well this is awkward prompt

Make certain that the device being used is on the BSD-Devices wifi or that the device is connected to Ethernet cable. 


Can not find the PaperCut icon

Call help desk we can remotely restart the PaperCut service on your device to get you up and printing again. 

Printer does not respond to print job

  1.  Check the paper tray for paper and correct size
  2.  Check the toner level - if low request new toner
  3. Make certain you are signed in correctly to Google Chrome and into PaperCut

Printer trying to feed from manual feed tray

Even though your system may show that your preferred tray (usually 1 or 2) is set to 8.5" x 11", occasionally the printer will start looking to other trays to find that size.  

1.  Open the tray

2.  Make sure the paper is in a tight stack and not staggered along the edges.

3.  Adjust the tabs that hold the paper in the tray so they are tight against the paper.  If the tab is off by even 1 notch, the printer may sense that it is not set to 8.5 x 11 and look elsewhere.


Printing is slow

Unplug the power for the printer, wait 10 seconds, then reconnect power, and try your print job again.

Waiting 10 seconds while the power is removed (power-cycling) from the printer sometimes helps clear the memory and get back to normal printing.


Toner received but where to route?

Toner ordered will be delivered by Fisher's with a packing slip.  The Packing slip includes the printer FEQ# and the location oc the machine the toner is intended for.  See this example.  If the toner you receive does not have a packing list contact the help desk.




If the troubleshooting tips do not resolve the problem, please call help desk or submit a help ticket.  

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