Employee Transfer Assignments / Temporary Badge Log

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For New to District staff or any internal transfers, when HR processes the paperwork and updates the staff member's home location it automatically updates their badge access usually within 30 minutes of the completion of the paperwork. 

Turn around times for HR can take 24 - 72 hours after the paperwork is received and processed.  For future reference, please hold off on submitting a help ticket for badge access request for new hires or transfers unless their badge is still not functioning after the 72 hour mark after the personnel record is completed.  If it has been over 72 hours submit a help ticket. 

The help ticket is routed directly to HR.

Please use the attached log for all badges other than staff ID badges which are assigned to a person or classroom.  Examples include; Substitutes, Temporary staff, hall passes, vendor, toggle and schedule cards.

Substitutes are not granted Badge or Raptor access at school sites.


NOTE:  New, Transferring or returning staff, badges will not allow access to doors at new sites until Human Resources and Payroll have completed the personnel file for the new work assignment.  Visit the front office of the new to you site to request a temporary badge until your personnel file is complete.

For Student access submit a help request.

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