Badge Not Working at the Door

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There are a few reasons why our badges may not grant us access through doors.  Before requesting a replacement badge, we must first verify that the badge is defective or that it is being swiped correctly.


NOTE:  New, Transferring or returning staff, badges will not allow access to doors at new sites until Human Resources and Payroll have completed the personnel file for the new work assignment.  Visit the front office of the new to you site to request a temporary badge until your personnel file is complete.

Testing your badge

Hourly employees test their badges daily by clocking in and out.  Salaried (certified) staff may also use the time clock to test their badges.  If the badge is functioning properly, the time clock will beep and display a message saying "Not Accepted".  If the time clock does not respond, we can assume that the badge is defective.  Classified staff should only use the time clock to test their badges when they clock in or out as any other time may affect their payroll.  If after testing your badge you believe it to be defective, skip the next step.

Proper Badge Scanning

Our newer front entrance badge readers are picky with how badges are scanned.  Please test your badge again as shown below by placing it flat against the number pad.  Tapping it at the top will not trigger the door.  The bar at the top of the reader should blink green/red.





 Verify your badge number and submit a help desk ticket.

After the above steps have been completed you are still having problems, please submit a help desk ticket.  Include the number that runs along the long side of the badge (see below) as your employee ID number is different than your badge number.  Please include which schools and doors you are having problems accessing as well as the results of the above steps.  We will confirm your badge number is correct, your permissions to that location, and the status of the hardware.  If it is determined that your badge is not functioning we will notify HR to send you a replacement badge via interoffice mail.




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