Adding a Printer in MacOS

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Need to add a printer to your MacBook or iMac? Follow the steps below to get connected to a printer.


Installing a printer:

  1. In the status bar in the top right of your screen, click the printer icon, and click “View my Printers”.
  2. Click the “Sign in with Google” button. You will be redirected to a web page to log into your district Google Account. Once logged in, close the window to return to your printer list in the original window.

“My Printers” Tab

  1. List of your currently installed printers. Note! If a printer has a trash can icon with a slash through it, this means it is a required install by IT and cannot be removed. This will typically be the copiers located at your school. If your printer has a trash can icon without a slash, you can click the icon to have the printer removed from your device.

“Add Printers” Tab

  1. Printers in this list can be easily installed onto your computer. Search for your room number in the upper right corner, find the printer you want to install and click “Install”.


Important Tips:

  • You may need to click “Refresh” or “Refresh my printers” to see an updated list.
  • In order to print to a building’s printers, you must be in that site’s Google group. For example, See your building administrator to be added to the group if necessary.
  • You must be connected to the BSD network. You will not be able to print from a personal device, or from any device connected to BSD-Guest.

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