Sound problems with Probook Laptops




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    Lynn Clark

    We are experiencing chronic problems with Cart 1 HP Probooks.  No Sound and No Flash are this week's featured challenges.

    David suggested I right-click the sound symbol and select troubleshooting.  I tried this on 3 computers.  It did not work.

         Computer 15 has been cycling "Getting Windows ready Don't turn off your computer" for over 10 minutes after trying the no sound "right click/troubleshoot fix."

         Computer 20-- neither the "right click/troubleshoot"  NOR the "device manager/update driver" solutions worked.

          Computers 8 and 19 randomly restarted during i-Ready


    The suggestion to solve the Flash problem by accessing i-ready by going to myapps, and bypass the desktop icon did not work.





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    Kristine Cathey

    Hi Lynn,

    We're sorry to hear you've been encountering these issues.  Someone from our team should be following up with you shortly if they have not already.  Thanks for your patience on this.  If you need further assistance, please give our Help Desk a call at 208-854-6670.



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